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When Caterpillars Fly
Intrigued by her grandmother’s always talking to a big
ole oak tree, Becky Mae developed a vast and vivid
imagination. Hear Becky Mae tell it, there was no wonder
Gran Ma’s saying, “Just ‘cause you can’t see it doesn’t
mean it’s not there,” made you wonder. Becky Mae’s
Gran Ma was the only anchor in reality to keep Becky Mae
rooted, and the only one who could understand how
Becky Mae could see what she saw. Follow Becky Mae as
she relies on her eccentric thought patterns and
Gran Ma’s words to guide her through life.

Based on the Poem "Wake Me When The Rooster Crow"
by Bernie Lee Dickerson
Music Written and Produced by Ray Disney
Performed by AKAThisIsUs
Band and Show