Maretta Brooks - Manager, Agent, Baritone Sax Player

Maretta Brooks, born in Elkton, Maryland, began playing the clarinet in elementary school. In junior high school, she began playing the baritone saxophone and tuba. She met Mercer Lee and joined his band La Funk to complete the 7 piece horn section.

Later, when Wellington & Company formed, Maretta became a permanent member of the group, playing the baritone saxophone and string symphonizer keyboard. Not only did she sing, she constantly moved to the music, always drawing the audience's attention to her twirling style. She was usually the one called on to sing “The Electric Boogie,” AKA “the Electric Slide”.

Her charismatic personality immediately landed her the position as spokesperson and band manager of the group.

Maretta continues to play the keyboards and baritone saxophone for AKAThisIsUs. She is also the band's booking agent.