The History of Akathisisus…
We started 1972 as La Funk - a soul, funk, rhythm and blues band; a group of teenagers performing for teen dances at recreation centers
and winning Battle of the Bands. Soon, the chaperones were asking us to play for adult functions.
In 1980 our keyboard player got married and left the group. Her replacement was an older gentleman, Edward Putman, a protégé of
Errol Garner (best-known composition, Misty). Putman became a mentor, teaching us to play different styles, especially big band and
swing. We also added disco and country music to our repertoire and changed our name to Putman and Lee.
Putman and Lee performed constantly until we lost Putman. The group then became Wellington & Company with a core group of
members and performing with various musicians and entertainers. Wellington & Company performed up and down the east coast from
New York to Georgia for 15 years.
Tragedy struck the group when our guitar player lost his life saving a co-worker during an accident. As we had a very close family
relationship, we had a hard time overcoming the loss and the group disbanded.
Most of the core members of Wellington & Company moved to Arizona and decided to play music once again. This time, we decided to
focus on Adult Contemporary music. We would cater to all music styles, with the exception of rap and heavy metal.
Since all of the core members of Wellington & Company were not in Arizona, we had to search for a new name. We wanted a name that
would describe who we once were and represent our performance style, music choices, and entertainment quality. Over the years, we
learned that if we connected our audience to their past and inspired them to keep dreaming, our music could give that little spark that
just might light a fire inside of them.
With this we needed a name which described our new style and a name which included the memories of our past members, associates,
and mentors.  We wanted everyone to know this was still the same band from back east although a few members were no longer with
us. Thus, we came up with Akathisisus.
Akathisisus (pronounced AK ä this see us), is derived from the word Akathisia, a psychological term meaning a movement disorder
characterized by a feeling of inner restlessness and a compelling need to be in constant motion, as well as by actions such as
rocking while standing…sitting, lifting the feet as if marching on the spot....People with akathisia are unable to sit or keep still,
complain of restlessness, fidget, and rock from foot to foot, and pace.
It was a perfect fit. When we play, everyone starts moving, on the dance floor or in their seat, heads bop, feet tap, hands
clap…unable to keep still. They start singing, dancing, and enjoying themselves with music they grew up with and now love. We are
Akathisisus bringing on akathisia…
Also Known As This Is Us!!!